How To Make the Most of Your IT.

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Most courses of study in the higher institution require that you are compulsorily attached to an industry in your field for a period of 3-6 months for training, otherwise called IT or SIWES which are acronyms for Industrial Training and Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme respectively.

This training provides you with hands-on practical knowledge and experience that prepares you for work after school and is usually undergone after your penultimate year; just before your final year.

The period of IT can be for some people, a defining moment for their career. Some people become so inspired by the industry experts they work with and begin to work towards building a career in that line. Hence, the first quality to look out for in choosing an industry to be trained in should be the quality of knowledge to be gained and it’s relevance to your career goals. Having that in place, it would be more profitable to do all you can to make the most of the training.

What To Do.

Identify and Connect With Mentors.

Someone said that the shortest distance between dream and reality is a mentor. That’s right. You’d agree with me that having to learn directly from those that have gone before you in your area of interest is a game changer. It shortens your learning curve and shields you from making mistakes. There’s evergreen need for teachers and mentors in whatever field you venture into. Absolutely nothing is new under the sun so it would make no sense of you to pour in effort into building when you haven’t taken time to first learn.

Being under an expert in your field, your supervisor or other staff during your training allows you learn alot. You can also take it further by building and maintaining a relationship with them even after your training is over. This allows you to reach out to them in the future for consultation or reference as you climb the ladder of your career. They would also remember you when opportunities open up of which you are a right fit. While at it, remember to bring something to the table as well. Don’t be a leech; find ways to show that you value their input and impact in your career.

Prepare for Your Final Year Project.

You should start working on your final year project even as a trainee. Yes, it’s a great time to do so. Depending on your relationship with your supervisor, you can ask for his or her help in choosing your topic and also seek his expert opinion on how to go about it. He’s not going to grade you in school, so he’ll be more open to helping you out. Seek help. Pick his brain to curb you of ignorance or confusion.

Learn from your Colleagues.

I hope you know that your lecturers in school are definitely not teaching you everything? Yes, you read that right. There’s hardly ever time to teach everything well in a semester or session. The bulk of the work rests on your shoulder. Training with students from other institutions give you the opportunity to fill in the gap of your ignorance. Get to meet, connect and network with students from other institutions. Find out what they know that you need and also share what you know with them. You can also share experiences and all. Be on the look out for avenues to exchange value with your peers and do just that.

Beyond Academics, Get More Value.

Asides academics, get to connect with them over other areas. People with different personalities and interests would be there with you; establish friendships, network and build relationships. You might even pick up an interest from them, who knows? You’ll definitely meet people who are into other things apart form academics. Walking with them would expand and expose your mind.

Shine the Light of Your Business.

If you are into business, or are planning to begin, you’ll be accruing to yourself a new customer base. Market your business well, spread the word and at least move them from cold to warm audience. Even if they never become hot audience, they’ll be sure to refer your services when the time comes.

Also, you’d be building trust in your personality. People would get to trust you, even before they decide to put trust in your product or service. Remember, in business, you sell your person before the product.

Steward Your Income Wisely.

You should save up and invest money. Not every industry pays their industrial training students and you shouldn’t be on the lookout for industries that pay as against the knowledge you need to get. However, if you are opportuned to earn as you are being trained, good for you. Have a strategy for saving and investing your earnings and respect it enough to stick to it. Don’t spend all you earn; treat it as a real salary.

Be More Than a Trainee.

Industrial Training gives you a peek at real life work. Train yourself to becoming a diligent worker as well as a fulfilled adult. Do not neglect personal development on the altar of this training. Be intentional about developing yourself no matter how little the effort might seem. You can read books, take up courses or even learn a skill in your free time. It all boils down to proper time management. Manage your time properly.

Ensure you Gain Knowledge.

Most importantly, learn all you can. The most important part of this training is the gap it closes between classroom knowledge and practicals. Ensure you actually close the gap. Ask questions where you don’t understand, carry out your tasks well. Don’t play when you should be working, you’ll only be deceiving yourself. Apart from not being able to defend your SIWES, you’d have wasted your time and consequently your life.

Maintain your Integrity.

If you had to go back to where you did your IT to get a recommendation letter, will you be able to return there boldly? Think about it. At the end of the day, it just might come in handy for recommendation or reference. Will you get it? It depends on you, and it begins from the first day.
Build a name for yourself. A good name is always a great reputation. Leave a good impression of you with those you work with. Obey the rules of the industry. Uphold good work ethics. People are always watching. You never know who is there.

Remember to Have Fun.

What’s that they say again about all work and no play? That’s right. Create the time to unwind and relax. Whatever your preference of fun idea, be sure to explore it. You really don’t need to break the bank to bring this to past, work with your budget and enjoy yourself.

Your Industrial Training can be a great experience if you learn to navigate it properly. Work towards making it nothing short of great. Goodluck!

PS: Which of these will you be implementing? Or which of them did you implement during your time? You can let me know in the comments section.

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