Hi. I’m Daisy Ogelenya, a Nigerian undergraduate that has discovered a hack to go from “school na scam” to “school’s the best place to prepare me for a great career and life after school”, while maintaining the “I can’t kill myself” energy over academics.

Once upon a time, I was like the average Nigerian undergraduate – just going to school for going sake, with no clear strategy for what to do after getting my degree, or how to prepare myself for life after school.

I was at the mercy of ASUU, the somewhat outdated school curriculum, and cliché go to school – go for NYSC – join the already over crowded labor market in search of a job (with nothing to bring to the table but your degree) routine.

As you already know, this routine usually ends in tears. Premium tears.

Thankfully, I found a way to break free from this routine, and through iEnhanceMe, I’ll like to help you do same.

Me graduating from the Millennium Fellowship, class of 2019.
Me graduating from the Millennium Fellowship, class of 2019.

Being intentional and strategic about developing yourself personally and professionally as an undergraduate is what makes the difference.

It’s what’ll help you stand out from the thousands of others that’ll be bagging the same degree as you, whether you want to have a corporate career or a business.

Accessing and utilizing opportunities like the Millennium Fellowship, Female And More, ISERH Undergraduate Studies, ACI Mentorship Program, CommonWealth100 Leadership Program, amongst others, helped me grow in experience, exposure, skills, value and connection.

I’m no longer afraid or uncertain about what my fate will be after graduation.

I started iEnhanceMe to help you achieve same and more. Via the blog and newsletter, I’ll share tips, hacks, and insight I’ve gotten from my experience and the experience of others.

I’ll also share verified global and local opportunities you can take advantage of, as well as resources to help shorten your learning curve.

I’m still growing, and would absolutely love to do so with you! Connect with me via email, Twitter, LinkedIn or WhatsApp.

Cheers to the upgraded us. ?✨