iEnhanceMe helps Nigerian undergraduates develop themselves to excel beyond academics locally and globally.

It’s no news that the training the average Nigerian university provides is not enough to prepare you for the reality of life after school in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

Or, that it’s no longer enough to just have a regular degree – You need a Value Added Degree (VAD) to stand out, make impact and succeed.

Now, that’s what we’re all about at iEnhanceMe – helping you graduate with a VAD.

To equip you with what it takes to maximize your time as an undergraduate in preparation for life after school, iEnhanceMe has different categories.

For best results, utilize ALL of them.


Practical insights, tips & hacks to guide you, as well as answer your pressing questions about developing yourself as a Nigerian undergraduate.


Global and local opportunities you can apply or sign up for. Scholarships, exchange programs, fellowships and more.


Tools, books, courses and more to help you hone relevant skills and increase your capacity to do more. Also to help you do more in less time.


Something light – Our collection of different categories of quotes to entertain, inspire and motivate you.


Support group of like-minded people committed to developing themselves personally and professionally.


New post updates and premium gist from my own personal development journey & life generally.

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